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Arie van Leusden

Arie van Leusden’s career began in 1966 at IBM, where he held various positions until 1993. The last two executive positions were Vice President Europe for Application Business Systems and IBM Netherlands Executive, responsible for sales and marketing. Next he was Chairman at Digital Nederland, Triple P, Lucent Technologies Northern Europe & Benelux, and Pecoma. Subsequently, Van Leusden held various commissioner roles, including President of the Supervisory Board at Getronics NV, President of the Board at Newtel Essence, Member of the Board at StorageTek, and President of the Supervisory Board at TDM Holdings. He was also interim president at Blue Fox during 2008. He is currently a member of the advisory boards of Detron, Pegamento, Porting Access, AnoxTech and The John D. Eisenfelt Principle.

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Bernard van de Weert

Van de Weert began his career in 1976 at IBM. He then took up various commercial management positions, including Akzo, Digital, Triple P and KPN. In this last position he was co-responsible for the turnaround of KPN, namely from a former government enterprise into a dominant player in the telecom market. He is the author of the recent book We have a Caller. In it he describes the turnaround of former CEO Ad Scheepbouwer as an eyewitness and aide. After that van de Weert took on the interim job of CCO at De Telefoongids & Goudengids. He is currently CEO of Livv, a new player in the E-Health and E-Mobile market. In addition, he advises and holds lectures on change management. Van de Weert is a member of the SMA (Sales Management Association) where he is a juror for the election of the Commercial Director of the Year.

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Gün R. Semin

Professor dr. Gün R. Semin is an Academy Professor with The Netherlands Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences at Utrecht University and also Professor of Psychology at Koç University, Istanbul. He has previously served as Professor and Chair of the Department of Social Psychology at the Free University (1990-2004), where he also was the Research Director (2000-2003) of the Faculty of Psychology and Education. He was also the founding Scientific Director of the Kurt Lewin Institute (1992-1996), the inter-university graduate school in social psychology and its applications and was Chair of the Standing Committee on Social Sciences (SCSS) of the European Science Foundation. Further:

  • Chair of Psychology Panel of the Portuguese National Science Foundation (FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology), Lisbon, Portugal (2008-2011).
  • Member of the Expert Committee of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschap and Science Council for the Excellence initiative by the German Government (since 2007).
  • Member of the ERC Advanced Grant evaluation panel.
  • Fellow of Association of Psychological Science (APS); the Society of Experimental Social Psychology (SESP); the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.
  • Chair of the Internationalization Committee of APS and secretary to the APS Board.

His main research interest is in embodied social cognition, communication, language and social neuroscience – aside from specific research projects he is currently running on affect and affective processes and action-perception link. Currently, he supervises 3 funded PhD projects (NWO, CSC, and Huygens) and co-supervises 3 PhD projects funded by the Portuguese National Science Foundation (FCT). He is a widely published author and has developed a linguistic model, which has resulted in the study of language and social cognition. Further information about his research and publications can be obtained via

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