Donald van Gasteren

Donald van Gasteren


Focus Assisting clients in achieving their strategic aims, with a strong focus on supporting engaging and inspiring transformations.
Expertise Strategic business transformations, Implementation & Change Management, Business-IT fusion, Marketing and Market Intelligence, Client Intimate Services design, Organizational development and business model transformation, Consultative selling for professionals, Merger & Acquisition, Information Technology.
Markets IT, banking, insurance and energy & utilities.
Motto ‘Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy.’


  • Client Intimate Services design for a Utilities consortium

As more consumers also become producers of energy and governmental bodies are focusing on sustainability, Energy & Utilities companies need to step up. The turmoil in the Energy & Utilities business requires a shift in mindset from a product orientation to a full client service approach. This game changer has brought a number of players together to define a new services approach that puts them right at the forefront.

  • Strategic business transformation in Information Technology

Several business transformations for a large IT company. Integration & change management for two mergers of international IT companies. Organization model changes in order to align to the market challenges. Key elements were increased focus on clients, portfolio management, rightsizing the overhead and specifically employee engagement (motivation, inspiration), requiring excellent communication capabilities including social media usage. This included strategy road shows with the management team for over 1.600 employees, with the focus on engaging middle management and staff. It also include a program called Sales Alignment Delivery for over 1.400 consultants working at Major Clients building a shared vision, inspiration, engagement and a pipeline of opportunities. Sales of non-strategic activities (including products and people) during 2007 and 2010.[/twocol_one][twocol_one_last]

  • Strategic board level consultancy

He was strategist on Plc level and responsible for the implementation for adaptation, change and implementation management of the ambitious international growth strategy and as Transformation Director responsible for the embedding of this strategy in NL during 2007-2009. He managed all organisational changes (e.g. blueprint alignment), including Works Council processes and top-level management conferences during 2007-2009.

  • Market Intelligence

Set up of a brand new market intelligence office in India for a big international service provider. The key focus for the company was to leverage the sheer amount of knowledge from their approximately 40.000 own staff, and intelligently combine this with external insights. Donald was responsible for the set up and management of this unit. This required contract negotiations, staff hiring, infrastructure build up, social media usage and writing skills.

Donald has a Master Degree in Implementation & Change Management and Bachelor in Technical Computer Science.

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