Menno Oskam

Menno Oskam

Managing Partner

Focus Assisting clients in achieving their growth objectives, where added value for the customer is central in combination with an increase in the effectiveness of marketing and sales organizations.
Expertise Marketing and sales strategy, transformation of portfolio to value propositions, develop new business models, launch go-to-market strategies, transformation of transaction oriented to project-based sales, lifting selling value to a higher level in the client organization, effectively organize marketing and sales organizations, setting up high performance sales teams, supervise large deals, commercial set-up of consultancy and delivery organizations.
Markets IT, banking, insurance and business services.
Motive Think first, then act. Developing and implementing a winning marketing and sales strategy starts with the analysis of the customer base from which the portfolio can be developed in an innovative way. This is followed by a team effort (marketing, sales and delivery) to significantly grow sales to existing and new customers.
Motto ‘If a team has an achievable goal and is effectively composed, the performance of a team will be determined by the weakest link. Managing the weakest link proactively will lead to a unique performance.’


  • The development of new business models

A publicly listed intermediary insurer, engaged in banking products and non-life, life and health insurance is studying new business models. Meanwhile in the U.S. experience was gained with new business models based on an innovative approach to the target audience via Internet and flexible ‘lean’ and ‘mean’ forms of organization based on outsourcing of non-core (insurance) processes. Together with a technology partner Menno has brought and implemented this model in the Netherlands. This meant the creation of a ‘new brand’, positioned on a new target, the development and implementation of a new portfolio and a go-to-market strategy as well as the creation of a new organization with its processes and systems. The organization was operational within six months.

  • The development and coaching of ‘current’ large deals

An international, publicly listed IT company, which also deals with outsourcing in the financial sector, wanted to acquire a strategic position by winning an AMS outsourcing deal of 350 million euro. In the initial phase the account team collected all relevant information on the opportunity, including the sale process of the customer, customer expectations, decision process, potential competitors and the question: what makes the customer buy? On this basis, a sales strategy was created and a team based task division was elaborated:

  • Team 1: developing a value proposition based on actual customer issues of the business and IT.
  • Team 2: influencing internal decision-making.
  • Team 3: influencing the decision process of the customer.

This approach has led to optimizing (quintupling) the Customer Face Time of team 3. Result: the opportunity was won starting from a losing position.

  • Transforming an international product-oriented business into a market-oriented organization

The marketing and sales organization of this international financial institution is focused on the banking sector and the market for merchants. The organization and propositions were based on a product-oriented approach while a market-oriented approach was a prerequisite to become and remain successful. [/twocol_one][twocol_one_last]Together with the customer, Menno developed an international sales strategy and implemented proactive control in the sales management, transforming the product-oriented portfolio, implementing a new process to develop customers and deals and redesigning business processes and systems. The approach has led to a lower cost of sales, tripling Customer Face Time and doubling the hit rate.

  • Transforming of transaction oriented to project-based sales

The sales organization of an international, publicly listed IT organization is focusing on the detachment of its IT staff. The transformation to project-based marketing requires a different approach of control and method. This is achieved by handling and coaching current opportunities in the funnel based on a new sales methodology, reporting and tooling. This has led to a direct translation into practice and maximizes the degree of acceptance and learning how to apply the new method. Within 6 months this approach led to a tenfold higher value of the average order.

  • The commercial organization of consultant and delivery organizations

An international, publicly listed IT organization focuses on detachment, business and management consulting, IT projects and outsourcing. The question was: how to involve thousands of consultants and delivery staff in the new sales process where delivering value to the customer is central? The objective was to let them contribute in generating leads and developing opportunities, while enabling them to develop and implement added value for customers.
Together with the customer Menno has developed a program to mobilize the population through customer communities. By actively involving everybody in the current opportunities, the role of consultants and delivery staff in the commercial and value process was made clear. This approach has had immediate results. Consultants and delivery staff were able to score independent (large) orders, which previously would never have been secured. In addition, the hit rate of existing opportunities significantly increased and substantial additional business was generated from existing contracts.

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