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Focus Together , shape the path to growth and accelerate growth. The foundation for this resides in value creation for all stakeholders; for your client and its customers. For this purpose, Rogier focuses on the development of a driven and effectively operating sales and marketing organisation.
Expertise Development of a (multi-level) marketing and sales strategy on the basis of value creation, transition from product selling to value selling, structured innovation management leading to co-creation with clients, development and implementation of toolkits for sales teams including CRM solutions and dashboards; (interim) sales management, coaching, business development, and above all ‘rolling up the sleeves’.
Markets (manufacturing) industry, healthcare, facilities, private equity.
Motto ‘If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.’

Value creation begins with knowing your clients and their (latent) needs. Once that has been achieved, the interplay between sales, operations, and innovation begins. This in turn leads to success and provides fun. That is the motive for Rogier.


  • Increasing the turnover and margins by innovating and creating value together with clients in their primary processes

A facilities service provider in healthcare wanted to grow autonomously in an accelerated way through acquisitions. The private equity shareholder envisaged value creation in order to achieve a successful exit on that basis. Rogier transformed the sales teams and operations of the facilities service provider. He enabled them to develop new forms of services together with customers, resulting in an increase in turnover and an improved profit margin. The interests of more stakeholders were served and sustainable relationships were developed through knowledge of the DMU and on the basis of a successful multilevel selling strategy. A long-term profitable customer base was developed in combination with setting up proper contract management. The outcome: a successful exit strategy for the private equity party and a promising future for the company.

  • Transforming the sales strategy of an international party in the manufacturing industry from product-oriented sales to consultative selling

An international manufacturer and dealer in the industry wanted to escape the ‘commodity trap’ by becoming distinct from the competition and by solidifying or improving margins. The underlying private equity party wanted to have the company visibly create value. As the interim managing director, Rogier analysed the customer base, prepared a restructuring plan, created customer and regional focus, and implemented the plan. In doing so, he served the interests of all stakeholders in a balanced way; customers, staff members, the works council, group management, and shareholders. The company was quickly and successfully sold to a new international investment company, in part on the basis of the value creation achieved.

  • CRM implementation that leads to control and job satisfaction

A large facilities service provider wanted to achieve a more effective and comprehensive market approach by means of a common CRM system. Objective: to prevent that multiple sales organisations would approach the same client without an integrated plan or even without being aware of the other colleagues approaching the same customer. Rogier’s priority as a business process owner was a thorough but mainly also practical implementation that ensured an effective use of the system’s possibilities as soon as it was launched. A constant ‘heartbeat’ in the sales organisation contributed to focus, control, and also freedom for the sales team. The CRM system is now automatically used on the road, in the workplace or in sales meetings. Of course, support was created by actively involving the organisation in the design and deployment. As a result, operations and finance are integrally linked to the activities of sales and opportunities are optimally exploited.

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