Ron Lameij

Ron Lameij


Focus Increasing order value and the win rate by increasing the involvement of employees in sales, by transmitting the knowledge and skills of sales processes and methodologies, and by the targeted structural mobilizing of existing sales potential.
Expertise Redesign of marketing and sales processes and marketing and sales organizations, implementing sales performance management, defining and launching value propositions, opportunity management, value selling, client intelligence and client issue analysis and coaching.
Markets IT, Telecommunications, utilities and business services.
Motto ‘Everything of value is always unparalleled.’

Ron’s motivation is achieving results that initially seemed far away with customers seeking a change


  • Transformation to a pro-active sales organization

The sales organization of a large financial services company is focused on national, existing customers. Market circumstances  demand attracting new European customers. This requires a different sales approach, a different sales culture and a different  governance of the sales organization.
Management and staff have worked with Ron to design a new sales process, to define the governance of the sales process and to implement the necessary tools. This approach has made the sales organization focus on those opportunities that they can actually win. As a result, the win rate has increased.

  • Increasing sales effectiveness

In many companies, too many opportunities are pursued while the progress on these opportunities is insufficiently monitored. This combination leads to a fragmentation of sales resources and a low win rate. With several large customers, including an international IT services company and a financial services provider, Ron has implemented Sales Performance Management.
Sales Performance Management  determines at regular intervals whether an opportunity can and must go to the next stage of the sales process (Opportunity Qualification) and the progress that opportunities are making through the sales funnel is discussed (Opportunity Monitoring).
Opportunity Qualification ensures that, through structured questions, a realistic estimate is made of the probability of winning a deal (%). By abandoning the opportunities with low probabilities the sales energy becomes focused on those opportunities that really can be won.
Opportunity Monitoring uses an Opportunity Dashboard to clarify the  status of an opportunity. It clarifies what issues need to be  discussed. Managers and sales staff define the  activities for winning opportunities together. As a result, the win rate has increased by more than 10%.[/twocol_one][twocol_one_last]

  • Developing Value Propositions

Pitching the functions and features of products and services no longer works. Companies need to find the value that their services represent for their clients and put this value into compelling messages. For new and existing products, Ron has accompanied value proposition design initiatives at several large international clients. Together with a client team the value of a proposition was defined, designed and value messages created. Sales Teams now know to design the maximum value for their customers and to communicate this value to their clients. The result: higher order values and a higher winrate.

  • From delivery to Sales Empowered Consultancy

An international, publicly listed IT company that focuses on secondment of ICT experts, projects and outsourcing wanted the delivery staff, such as consultants and managers, to be more involved in the sales process. Ron worked with a client team to develop a program in which participants learn how to identify the issues their customers are having and how to build a distinctive client value proposition. More than a thousand people participated in the program and the results were significant: dozens of new leads, new opportunities and won deals. Furthermore, the intense focus on clients and the issues the clients were experiencing proved to be very inspiring and motivating for all those consultants going through the program.

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