Ted de Jong

Ted de Jong

Managing Partner

Focus Assisting clients in achieving their growth objectives and increasing the effectiveness of marketing and sales organizations.
Expertise Marketing and sales strategy, developing value propositions, transforming transaction oriented to project-based sales, interim sales management, outside in thinking and acting, launching go-to-market strategies, implementing sales methodologies.
Markets IT, banking, insurance and business services.
Motto ‘Play the game on flexibility rather than strength.’

Ted’s motivation is the pragmatic development of marketing and sales organizations to a tactical/strategic level, focused on achieving real growth and a predictable order intake.


  • The development and management of ‘current’ large deals

An international, publicly listed ICT company, which is engaged in outsourcing, projects and detachment, is focusing on tenders with a value of over 80 million. The tender concerns the outsourcing of the HR department by one of the largest retail organizations in the Netherlands. Together with the accounts team, Ted has developed a sales strategy. The first step was mapping of the decision-making process and the influence, expectations and priorities of the various decision makers and influencers. The second step was to create alignment at different levels of both the business and IT, then decide who (customer, IT Company), together with the specific message is approached. The approach has led to the successful acquisition of this tender.

  • Fast understanding of the improvement potential of a sales organization and the realization of these improvements

The New Business unit of an online media company (market leader) supports its customers in being easily findable on the Internet and generating leads. The organizational structure and the propositions are based on a product-oriented approach. Together with the customer, Ted has implemented a transformation to a sector-specific approach. The issues, expectations, buying behaviour and culture within the industry sector formed the starting point. Subsequently, this was translated to a specific proposition and unique selling points. This adjustment has led to doubling the average order value within 3 months.

  • Transforming transaction oriented to project-based sales

The sales organization of an international, publicly listed IT organization focuses on the detachment of IT staff. The transformation to project-based marketing requires a different approach of control and method. This is achieved by handling and coaching current opportunities in the funnel based on a new sales methodology, and focuses on value creation for the customer. This leads to a direct translation into practice and maximizes the degree of acceptance and learning how to apply the new method. This adjustment has led to a tenfold higher value of the average order within 6 months.[/twocol_one][twocol_one_last]

  • Transforming product oriented propositions to propositions focused on customer value

An international publicly listed ICT organization provides standard software solutions. Ted has helped the marketing department to position the organization and their portfolio from a customer perspective. The starting point was the issues and expectations of the customer instead of the ‘features’ and ‘functions’ of the applications. The strengths of the organization and the portfolio were formulated and then translated into customer value to be delivered. Based on this transformation – from product to customer value – sales involves the marketing department much earlier in the sales process. Spontaneous brand awareness as a result of marketing activities has increased by 20%.

  • Developing High Performance Client Teams

An international, publicly listed IT company, which is engaged in outsourcing, projects and detachment, wants to profitably improve its customer position and increase its share. Defining (potential) problems together with the customer at the beginning of the buying process is a key success factor in the development of new opportunities and increasing the hit rate. Defining issues should be a joint activity of sales and delivery. Delivery is concerned with the actual supply and hence in contact with various people on the customer side. Sales and delivery are analysing the most essential issues and the underlying causes as a team. On the customer side, issues on accuracy and the associated expectations are checked. The (potential) DMU is then mapped and determines which value can be delivered. This team approach has led to an expansion of the sales funnel with 20% and the independent scoring of orders by delivery.

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