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Focus Coaching customers during the transformation from a supply driven organization to a more customer oriented one. By doing so, they build enduring contacts that will contribute positively to their organization’s growth targets in the end.
Expertise Development and implementation of marketing and sales strategies, development of value propositions, transformation from product oriented propositions to customer value oriented propositions, implementing sales methods, sales management, coaching, team development and leadership.
Markets Pharmaceutical industry and health care (cure and care).
Motto ‘Off the beaten track you find the trail towards success.’


  • Defining and transforming value propositions: from product oriented to customer oriented

A hospital wants to perform a shift from a supply driven health care service, to a more demand oriented approach of the patient. Walter has determined the target groups together with the client and defined the value propositions for, amongst others, intensivists and nurses on hospitals’ Intensive Care departments. The assignment’s main goal: maximizing value for the patient, resulting in the best result for the best price.

  • Repositioning portfolio from a customer perspective

An international implant manufacturer listed on the stock exchange wishes to gain access to important stakeholders in health care. Walter has helped the sales and marketing department to position the organization and the portfolio from a customer perspective. [/twocol_one][twocol_one_last]Engaging in a strategic partnership was the starting-point in doing so. For this purpose, the needs of affiliated partners (orthopedics partnership, hospital board of directors, implant manufacturer) were defined and elaborated. With as starting-point: the customer’s issues and expectations in stead of the products’ features and functions. After the organization’s strengths and the portfolio were defined, a translation was made into the customer value to be delivered, in consultation with the aforementioned partners.

Since this transformation the manufacturer has access to important stakeholders. And because of this, has become better able to anticipate individual needs. Result: the manufacturer has become preferred supplier.

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