Account Based Marketing As a Service

How to make sure that your sales conversations are effective?

Customer issue

Getting an appointment isn’t that easy for our sales representatives. A good relationship is clearly no longer enough. What can our sales representatives do to get access to customers and generate curiosity and interest within the managerial level?


The first step is to define the ABM goals, to define what needs to be achieved with ABM. We define target customer segments. For these segments we create a value pitch and an overview of stakeholders that need to be reached. Researching the individual stakes, we adjust the value pitch to get core messages across and generate curiosity and interest.

Using this information the ABM campaign for target accounts is created, helping sales representatives to:

1. Start conversations about solutions for customer issues;

2. Shift relations from the operational level to the tactical and strategic level;

3. Position the company’s unique value;

4. Broaden customer awareness of the available solutions.


Pipeline creation:
Stakeholders related to target accounts are triggered by personalized messages. When meetings are scheduled, sales representatives know that the interest is there and that the proposition has been introduced. This makes it much easier to plan follow-up meetings on tactical and strategic levels.

Deal Nurturing:
Decision makers and influencers read the personalized messages. This allows sales representatives to introduce specific parts of a proposition or to illustrate specific parts of a proposal and make sure that all parties concerned will arrive at a shared vision.

Marketing automation:
All messages are distributed through the ABM platform. The platform shows on an account and on a personal level which messages have reached their destination and which messages are opened. Sales representatives have access to information on the reach of the messaging within the account and achieve insights into the topics that are of interest to individual decision makers and influencers.