Content Marketing

You do want to be relevant?

Customer issue

Providing prospects and customers with relevant content that relates to their needs is quite a challenge for our sales representatives.


The first step is to define the goals, to define what needs to be achieved. We define target customer segments. For these segments we create a value pitch and an overview of stakeholders that need to be reached. Researching the individual stakes, we adjust the value pitch to get core messages across and generate curiosity and interest. In a content matrix we map which message with which value is relevant for which stakeholder.

Using this information we create a content marketing campaign. The campaign tackles the urgent customer needs and engages with the prospects and customers at the right moment with the right message, the right content without pushing a product or a service.   

Carriers for the content can be e.g. blogs, vlogs, white papers, posts, articles, videos. The channels used for communicating the content need to fit the targeted customer segment. Channels can be e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, email, landing pages, advertorials and many more.


  • Distinctive and relevant messages for prospects and customers;
  • Raising customer curiosity and interest in ‘hot’ subjects;
  • Influencing customers to choose you and your offerings.