Proposition development

You do want to offer distinctive value to your customers?

​Customer issue

To attract, engage with and support customers it is essential to offer distinctive value propositions. Many enterprises offer a product or a service and find it hard to distinguish themselves from the competition.


A value proposition is a distinctive offer/product/service that is relevant for the targeted customer segments. From a sales perspective, when you have a real value proposition, you are selling true value instead of pushing products.

We carry out four steps to define a distinctive value proposition:

1. Empathize with customers, find out their issues, ambitions, identify customer issues, identify critical problems

2.Analyse how companies do business with suppliers, how they buy

3.Create a solution that solves the problem and takes away the root causes of the problem

4. Create a go-to-market strategy and make sure sales representatives know how to sell the new value proposition.

Activities within these steps consist of design workshops, training for sales representatives and if required meetings with customers together with our consultants.


  • Acquiring new customers
  • Winning back customers
  • Collaboration between sales and marketing improved
  • Distinctive offerings as the foundation for content and campaigns.