Proactive Sales Management

Do you want to get away from telling the management team that the forecast will not be achieved?

Customer issue

We are not in control of our sales efforts. We have sales meetings every six weeks. Everyone tells inspiring stories about opportunities in the pipeline. We are surprised by the number of opportunities disappearing or getting postponed. Because of this our forecast is always off, it is a disaster. How can we get a better grip on our forecast? 


Using a sales plan with realistic targets, a transparent selling process, a model for qualifying opportunities and using monitoring software we design a sales management process that allows you to monitor the progress in target achievement and opportunity development on a weekly basis. The sales manager is a hands-on coach and has access to information on opportunities and targets, thereby creating a foundation for an accurate forecast. Where necessary we organise Sales Boosts or Business Accelerators to motivate staff and stimulate sales.


  • Selecting and prioritising the right kind of opportunities;
  • Sales efforts focussed on the most promising opportunities;
  • Increasing the win rate (%);
  • Healthy funnel and accurate forecast.