Sales Transformation

More revenue by happy customers?

Customer issue

Our revenue is declining because our sales representatives are selling products and services at a low level in the customer organisation. They have good relations, but the buying process has changed and customers demand value. How can we change our product oriented sales organisation into a value selling organisation?   


We start by developing true value propositions together with your sales and marketing departments. After this step we implement a selling process that allows sales to create and develop opportunities and close deals. For sales managers we introduce proactive governance of the sales performance.

To embed the new way of working we take your staff through a full scale simulation of a selling process. Using real live examples we simulate having all the necessary sales conversations within the sales cycle with your sales representatives, using experienced managers for role playing. Your sales representatives and managers will learn how to conduct sales conversations that lead to selling your value propositions. Our approach encompasses ‘showing how it is done’, ‘doing it together’ and supporting you when you ‘do it all by yourself’. With this approach we lay the ground works for the necessary transformation.


  • Customers feel that their issues and challenges are understood;
  • Win rate increases when you show real value;
  • Collaboration with marketing;
  • Leaving the competition behind;
  • Focus on the right kind of opportunities.