Structure and Governance

Higher revenue by integrated Lead2Contract process?

Customer issue

Our Lead2Contract process is fragmented and not documented very well. We actually do not know who is carrying out which activity within the process and what the responsibilities are of each role that is involved. How can we make sure that the Lead2Contract process is aligned with our ambitions?


We start with determining whether the structure for the commercial organisation needs to be adjusted. Most of the time the focus is on the Lead2Contract process. The ambitions of our customer are the starting point for adjusting the structure and the Lead2Contract process. Our approach covers the description of roles, responsibilities (RACI), performance objectives (KPI’s) and the description of commercial processes. After this phase we analyse the impact on staff, management, processes and systems. We implement and embed the changes in the way of working by carrying out sales activities using the new way of working.


  • Structure is aligned with strategic ambitions;
  • Stakeholders participate in the change process;
  • Focus on content, changes and impact on employees;
  • Structurally embedding changes in business-as-usual through sales activities.