Tender Management

You don’t want to be second all the time, do you?

Customer issue

We lose quite a lot of tenders and the cost of tendering is high. How can we improve our success rate and lower the tender costs?


Even before the tender phase we identify the needs and requirements of the potential customer at the right management level and develop a customer specific value proposition. We aim to convince the customer of the value of your proposition before the tender phase starts. With digital tools like Account Based Marketing it is possible to reach and influence decision makers before and during the tender phase. In the tender phase we support the tender team with our methodology and help the team answer tender questions and create a proposal that deals with the customer issues, the required value and uses the customer’s evaluation criteria to your advantage.


  • Selection and prioritisation of promising tenders;
  • Lower throughput time for answering tender questions and creating proposals;
  • Lower costs of tendering;
  • Increase in the win rate (%).