​Value Selling Challenger Sales

Customers want to do business with valuable and knowledgeable partners

Customer issue

Decision making takes place at ever higher levels within the customer organisations we are dealing with. Customers are demanding more value for their money. Our sales representatives have insufficient relations on the currently required management level. How can we make sure that our sales representatives become valuable and knowledgeable partners for our customers and are able to develop their opportunities?


First step is implementing a selling process that allows your sales to start developing opportunities long before these enter into the RFP-phase. Starting early allows you to sell the most fitting value propositions to the right kind of decision makers and influencers at the right moment. After identifying the milestones in the customer’s buying process we help you create an opportunity-plan for each large or strategic opportunity. Using these real live examples we simulate having all the necessary sales conversations within the sales cycle with your sales representatives, using experienced managers for role playing. Your sales representatives will learn how to conduct sales conversations that lead to selling your value propositions. Before even entering the RFP phase your customers will agree to buy from you. 


  • Professional sales conversations, dealing with value, at the right level in the customer organisation;
  • Shorter sales cycles and higher win rates (%);
  • Lower sales costs, especially where tenders are concerned;
  • Sales cycle does not get abandoned due to ineffective sales conversations.