​Business & IT Alignment CRM

Wouldn’t you want your sales representatives to be enthousiastic about CRM?


Customer issue

Sales representatives become more successful when they have the right kind of customer and opportunity information. Sales Managers want to be able to monitor the forecast and sales funnel development. How can we make sure that Sales representatives use the CRM system and see it as a helper instead of an administrative burden?


Our approach is based upon the marketing ambitions and marketing needs. Technology is used to fulfil needs and ambitions. Using these starting points, we support the software selection and help adjust the software settings. The business strategy is leading in the implementation and in embedding the new systems and processes in the organisation. Successfully embedding the CRM in the organisation is done by proactive sales management and using real live opportunities during the implementation. Our approach encompasses ‘showing how it is done’, ‘doing it together’ and supporting you when you ‘do it all by yourself’. This assures that management and sales representatives will start seeing the CRM as a necessary precondition to achieve targets.


  • Saving costs through an integral approach;
  • Sales representatives integrate the CRM in their way of working;
  • Goal-based delivery, on-time, on-budget;
  • Creating the foundation for proactive sales management.