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Marketing Automation

Have you Marketing Automation that really supports the business?

Customer issue

Our marketing communication department sends out newsletters and we have a satisfactory website. We want to start generating leads in specific customer segments. How can we create a situation where marketing starts delivering leads that will bring us more revenue?  


Our approach is based upon your marketing ambitions and marketing needs. Technology is used to fulfil your needs and ambitions. Using these starting points, we support your software selection and help you adjust the software settings. Your business strategy is leading in the implementation and in embedding the new systems and processes in your organisation. Embedding is done by using your current marketing projects like campaigns and events during the implementation. Our approach encompasses ‘showing how it is done’, ‘doing it together’ and supporting you when you ‘do it all by yourself’. This assures that management and marketeers will start using the system to successfully achieve marketing and sales targets.


  • Saving costs through an integral approach;
  • Staff and management welcome the new systems;
  • Goal-based delivery, on-time, on-budget;
  • Valuable data-driven insights;