Outside-in thinking, and now seriously!

Issues in the Market

‘How do we crawl into the customer’s skin?’ ‘How do we become a trusted partner?’ ‘How do we translate our strategy of customer intimacy to our employees?’ ‘What are the issues with our customer?’ ‘We want every employee to understand the strengths of our organization and to be able to explain them clearly.’ ‘How can our employees become better partners for our customers?’

Our vision

Markets are maturing faster and becoming more complex because of the increasing intensity of competition. Customers demand more and exhibit less loyalty. Suppliers have to deal with rapid change, declining margins and increasingly similar offers. In this environment it is difficult to retain customers and recruit new ones. Recognizing and appropriately responding to market and customer trends, customer issues and creating distinctive power versus the competition are key success factors. This requires ‘outside-in’ thinking and acting by your organization.

Customer and Company Understanding

Responding to customer needs requires an in-depth knowledge of your customer environment and the strengths of your organization. Eisenfelt has developed a programme that learns to recognize changes in the customer environment, based on experience, and then respond to it effectively.

The core of the programme focuses on the identification of the client’s opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses with associated issues. Then your organization’s strengths and distinctiveness are identified. Based on this analysis, the customer’s issue and your strengths can be matched, allowing you to resolve the issue and offer the necessary value.

The Customer and Company Understanding programme lays an important foundation for ‘outside-in’ thinking and acting of your organization in creating, selling and delivering value.

The results

  • improved customer relations and loyalty;
  • insight in: the current issues with the client, the distinctive power of your organization on customer level and to which customer issues can your organization add value;
  • creating new opportunities at the beginning of the customer’s sales process;
  • increase winning chance (%) by being involved from the beginning in taking on and resolving the customer’s issues;
  • be seen as a worthy interlocutor.

Who is it intended for?

The Customer and Company Understanding programme is intended for anyone who has direct or indirect contact with the customer, such as managers, marketers, consultants, delivery and sales staff.

What makes John D. Eisenfelt’s Customer and Company Understanding unique?

  • Treating real-life clients and client situations.
  • You are better absorbed in the business of your client; it allows you to be proactive with your customer in thinking and acting as a trusted advisor.
  • Learning ‘outside-in’ thinking on tactical and strategic level.
  • Finding out the ideas and issues of the client.
  • Translating the strengths of your organization and portfolio into the customer issue.
  • Creating new opportunities at the beginning of the customer’s sales process.
  • Increased winning chance (%) by being involved from the beginning in taking on and resolving the customer’s issues.