Cross-, up- and deep-selling with vision and strategy

Issues in the Market

‘We feel that the potential with our customers remains unused, how can we gain insight?’  ‘Which market segments are potentially interesting for us to create growth?’ ‘How can we grow our revenue from existing customers over a reasonably short period?’ ‘What makes us distinctive?’ ‘How can we create a starting point to let our sales function more effectively?’

Our vision

Markets are maturing faster and becoming more complex because of increasingly intense competition. Suppliers have to deal with rapid change, declining margins and increasingly similar offers. The environment for retaining existing customers and attracting new ones is challenging. The attractiveness of a market segment, profitability, growth potential and strategic importance of individual customers are important principles for maintaining and growing your sales and profits. What marketing and sales efforts do you focus on which market segments and customers?

A winning strategy

Growth is most easily achieved with existing and new customers from existing propositions. Developing, positioning and selling new propositions have a higher chance of success with existing customers. You can then proceed to acquire new customers.

Together with your employees, we develop and implement an effective marketing and sales strategy. Which markets are the most attractive now and in the future? First we analyze your position and the competition’s position in various market segments. Then we define the marketing and sales efforts based on market potential, your ambitions and strategy. In addition to defining ‘what’ and ‘how’, it is also important to determine what your distinctive power is. Why would a customer choose for your organization and not the competition? The marketing and sales strategy is then translated, with you, to the organization and its employees.

The results

  • more revenue from existing and new customers;
  • greater share of the pie per customer;
  • enhanced focus on strategic and profitable customers;
  • continuity in sales and margins;
  • optimal control of marketing and sales with higher efficiency as a result;
  • better building sales funnel;
  • targets are easier to define and achieve.

Who is it intended for?

Developing and implementing an effective marketing and sales strategy is not easy. We accompany your management, marketers, sales, business consultants and anyone who is involved in defining and implementing the marketing and sales strategy.

What makes the development and implementation of a marketing and sales strategy with John D. Eisenfelt unique?

  • In the short term you will better use the potential of existing customers.
  • The customer share is expanded with new propositions. This forms the basis for acquiring new customers.
  • Funds and resources are used for the right customers so that the efficiency of your marketing and sales organization will be significantly increased.