Are you seen as a partner or a supplier?

Issues in the Market

‘The influx of opportunities in our sales funnel consists mainly of RFP requests from existing customers.’ ‘Our sales force in itself creates no opportunities.’ ‘Creating new revenue streams from existing customers remains strongly behind.’ ‘How can we improve our profitability position with the customer and increase our stake?’ ‘How can we qualify for strategic projects.’

Our vision

In mature and competitive markets it is crucial to always be a step ahead of the customer and the competitor. Focus on latent issues which exist with the customer. It goes without saying that a vision on the market, client organization and the related solutions are preconditions in this. Once latent issues are recognized and acknowledged as such by the customer, your organization has won trust and a unique position. With your vision your organization will position itself as a partner rather than a supplier.

Opportunity Creation

Based on practical experience, Eisenfelt has developed a programme to spot (latent) management issues in the market and to organize the customer early and translate it into opportunities for your organization. The core of the programme focuses on obtaining a position of trust. In addition, a support base needs to be created with the DMU, so the chance of winning (%) will be maximized. This means creating a link between the issues of the customer and the strengths of your organization and portfolio: what value can your organization offer and deliver?

The programme gives you tools for achieving support from the DMU. It provides resources to qualify various opportunities. And it improves your understanding of the various stages in the buying process. On this basis it will become clear which activities are necessary and must be managed (activity management) to successfully create and evaluate an opportunity.

The results

  • a uniform build-up of the funnel;
  • extending your share of the pie;
  • increase existing and new revenue streams and margins;
  • increase the hit rate and chance of winning (%) through a strong position; customers see you as a partner and trusted advisor;
  • a higher return on sales efforts.

Who is it intended for?

The programme is intended for everyone who is involved at the beginning of the buying and selling process, such as sales and account managers, business consultants and marketers.

What makes John D. Eisenfelt’s Opportunity Creation programme unique?

  • Processing and coaching of ‘live’ customers.
  • Finding out the ideas and issues of the client.
  • Translating the unique value of your organization and portfolio into the customer issues.
  • Developing a distinctive value proposition, tailored to the customer’s issues.
  • Developing activities in the proactive role of the sales process aimed at creating a support base and influencing the DMU.
  • The programme is an extension of the daily work, so no productivity loss of sales staff arises.
  • Securing the method of coaching, refresher days and supporting tools.