Higher and more predictable hit rates

Issues in the Market

‘Our hit rate, especially in RFPs, is too low; how can we improve this?’ We are often still surprised by the fact that the customer chooses a competitor.’ ‘Our bidding costs are too high.’ ‘Customers find us expensive and indicate that our solutions do not always connect well’. ‘How can we develop customer relationships on a higher level and sell sales value?’

Our vision

Markets have changed. Customer issues are complex and decisions are taken at an increasingly higher level. Particularly in highly competitive markets, combined with a lengthy and complex sales process, it is crucial to start developing the opportunity way ahead of the RFP stage. Being always one step ahead of the customer and competitor is a prerequisite for success. This starts with a good qualifying process. Then, in cooperation with the sales management, an opportunity must be developed proactively in order to succeed.

Opportunity Management

Developing an opportunity far ahead of the RFP stage requires a different sales methodology. Eisenfelt has developed a programme based on the experience of top salespeople. Opportunity Management improves the understanding of the different stages of the buying process with the customer, but by means of associated activities also provides insight into your own sales process. Opportunity Management also provides you with a framework for creating, analyzing and shaping needs and developing a winning strategy.

The core of the programme focuses on obtaining a preferential position with the DMU, where creating allies and offering the desired value are central. It also offers insight into the feasibility – ‘can we win’ – and the winning chance (%) of the opportunity. The ultimate goal is getting the customer to choose your organization.

The results

  • better qualification of leads;
  • lower bidding costs;
  • better guidance on opportunities;
  • tripling the customer face time;
  • increased hit rate or winning chance (%);
  • a reliable forecast;
  • a higher return on sales efforts.

Who is it intended for?

The programme is intended for everyone who is involved in the selling process, such as sales and account managers, consultants, project managers and delivery staff.

What makes John D. Eisenfelt’s Opportunity Management unique?

  • Processing and coaching of real opportunities.
  • The programme is an extension of the daily work, so there is no productivity loss of sales staff.
  • Accelerate the development and influence of the DMU.
  • Focus on increasing the deal value and margin.
  • Developing distinctive value propositions, tailored to the issues of the customer.
  • Active coaching of closing opportunities.
  • Securing the method by means of coaching, refresher days and supporting tools.