Create value and increase efficiency

Issues in the Market

‘How do we ensure that we don’t become a commodity?’ ‘How do we get distinctive propositions?’ ‘How do we improve our image and reputation?’ ‘How can we increase our return on marketing and portfolio?’ ‘Can we increase our rates and margins?’ ‘How do we make it clear to our Sales what value we are offering to our clients?’

Our vision

To maintain or obtain a preferred position with your customers, you must be distinctive. Customers are no longer interested in the features and operation of your products and services. Customers look at the value that your portfolio and organization as a whole provides for current issues. If this relationship is not there, it is difficult to do business these days.

Portfolio transformation

Eisenfelt has developed a programme to translate your current portfolio, values and the generic strengths of your organization together with your marketers and business consultants into value propositions. You will gain insight in the issues and desired value of your customers. The features and functions of your portfolio, and the values and strengths of your organization are translated into value for your customers. Sales and marketing communication will have more effect. And because you develop value propositions as a team, your internal collaboration improves.

The core of the programme focuses on balancing or exceeding the desired value of your customer with the value of your organization. Subsequently, the value should be translated to the various individual DMU members.

The results

  • higher productivity of sales and account management;
  • better image through content marketing; messages are translated into value for the customer;
  • better rates, higher profitability portfolio;
  • customer retention and satisfaction;
  • better funnel quality.

Who is it intended for?

The programme is designed for marketing managers, product managers, business consultants, marketing and communications staff.

What makes John D. Eisenfelt’s Portfolio Transformation unique?

  • Learning ‘outside-in’ thinking at the tactical and strategic level.
  • Translating the unique value of your organization and portfolio into customer issues.
  • You provide propositions that are of real value to the customer resulting in increased satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Improvement of retention and margins.
  • Increase of the winning chance (%) by providing the desired value.