Higher customer loyalty and creating sales opportunities through effective collaboration of Sales and Delivery

Issues in the Market

‘A customer does not always get what he asked for.’ ‘Sales is not exploiting all possible opportunities with customers’. ‘The position of trust of our delivery staff with our customers is used inadequately’. ‘Sales is insufficiently exploiting Delivery’s knowledge of the customer in developing a distinctive proposition.’ ‘How do we obtain satisfied customers?

Our vision

Markets have changed. Customer issues are complex and decisions are taken at an increasingly higher level. Due to the increased competition the distinctive power and profit margins are under pressure. Customers place high demands on the value that suppliers provide. The ‘real’ understanding of customer issues, responding to the demands of the customer and the ability to compete against the competition has become a necessity. Delivering what the customer asks, thinking with the customer, understanding his issues and exceeding his expectations are essential to win his loyalty. In addition, proactively identifying customer issues and then translating these into sales opportunities are crucial to be one step ahead of the customer and the competitor. Effective collaboration between Sales and Delivery is an important factor for success.

Sales Alignment

‘Sales is selling what we cannot deliver’ or ‘a customer does not get what he asked for’ are frequently heard comments. But customers demand added value and the role of Delivery is crucial in this.

Delivery employees play an important role in the commercial development of the customer. Eisenfelt has developed a programme in which Sales, Delivery and consultants work closely together to create strategic value for customers, spotting and developing new sales opportunities and expanding existing contracts.

The core of our Sales Alignment programme focuses on defining the customer’s issues and figuring out the value that the customer is expecting in solving his issue. This is then translated (or communicated’) into the value that your organization can deliver. This requires effective cooperation between all levels within the organization.

Client Community

An important part of our Sales Alignment programme is the development of Client Communities. For each customer or customer segment (virtual) communities are established. In community sales, delivery staff and consultants are working closely together to generate leads, develop opportunities and expand existing contracts.

The results

  • stronger position as a trusted partner;
  • more revenue in the short and medium term with existing customers;
  • increase share of the pie;
  • higher customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • a higher return on sales efforts;
  • increased hit rate and winning chance (%);
  • enthusiastic and motivated managers and employees who cooperate with each other;
  • increased sales oriented organization.

Who is it intended for?

The programme is intended for anyone who has a crucial role with the customer, such as sales and account managers, delivery managers and employees, consultants and project managers.

What makes John D. Eisenfelt’s Sales Alignment programme unique?

  • Treatment of current opportunities.
  • The ideas and issues of the client are placed front and centre.
  • Translating the unique value of your organization and portfolio into the customer issue.
  • Learning ‘outside-in’ thinking at the tactical and strategic level.
  • Significant improvement of (horizontal) cooperation in the organization between sales and delivery, without adjusting the organizational structure.
  • Combining the power of Sales and Delivery for the commercial development of the customer.
  • Increased productivity; Sales sells what can be sold and Delivery delivers what is sold.
  • Developing partnership with your (strategic) customers.
  • Securing the new method by coaching, refresher days and supporting tools.