More revenue from existing sales funnel, higher hit rates

Issues in the Market

‘A relatively high portion of opportunities in the sales funnel remain in the lead phase or just disappear.’ ‘The opportunities at the bottom of the funnel are insufficient to achieve our targets.’ ‘How can we improve the quality of the opportunities in the funnel?’ ‘How can we increase Customer Face Time?’ ‘Our sales is rather vague about the status of an opportunity.’ ‘How will our sales management achieve more control over the winning chance of opportunities?’

Our vision

Markets are maturing faster and becoming more complex because of the increasing intensity of competition. Customers demand more and exhibit less loyalty. Suppliers have to deal with rapid change, declining margins and increasingly similar offers. In this environment it is crucial to find the right opportunities at the right time in order to win. In mature markets, managing the sales funnel is significantly more difficult than in emerging markets. Every opportunity counts. It is crucial for an organization to take advantage of certain opportunities at the right time.

Sales Boost

The Sales Boost programme provides you with an approach to qualify opportunities in the sales funnel for feasibility and to accelerate the achievement of the most promising opportunities. It allows you to positively influence quarterly and/or year-end figures. The core of the programme focuses on gaining insight into the feasibility of all opportunities in the funnel and the necessary actions for an accelerated achievement of opportunities.

In the first phase of the programme all opportunities are qualified by means of the Eisenfelt Win Rate Analysis. This analysis focuses on the relationship of the opportunity owner with the DMU and the distinctiveness of the proposition versus that of the competition. The result of the Eisenfelt Win Rate Analysis is a realistic estimate of the winning chance of all possible opportunities.

The next phase of the programme is the Sales Boost. The most promising, or ‘must win’ opportunities are focused and their development accelerated. From the Eisenfelt Win Rate Analysis a strategy is developed to obtain an optimal support base with the DMU and to develop a winning proposition. Based on this strategy, actions are defined to accelerate the achievement of the opportunity. We are able to accelerate the process, because we have developed a proven approach for positively influencing the DMU from the buying process of the customer.


  • better through-flow in the sales funnel;
  • insight in a reliable forecast;
  • positive impact on quarterly and/or year-end figures;
  • a higher return on sales efforts;
  • lower bidding costs;
  • increased hit rate or winning chance (%);

Who is it intended for?

The programme focuses on the account manager and his or her team (if applicable).  Our principles are: care to focus and the right actions to accelerate the achievement of opportunities.

What makes John D. Eisenfelt’s Sales Boost programme unique?

  • Targeted achievement of quarterly, half-year or year-end targets.
  • An increase in the hit rate and winning chance (%) by having Sales work from the customer’s buying process.
  • Increase sales productivity through activity management.
  • Maximizing Customer FaceTime.