It's ​time for change​...

Digital impacts your business

​Digital ​changes your customer behavior and asks for a sales and marketing-IT driven organization.

​The challenge...

Todays success depends on lead generation, distinctive propositions and passionate ​(digital) sales.

John D. Eisenfelt ​combines new ways of working in (digital) marketing and sales with experienced professionals.

The result is sustainable growht of your business.


Together with your marketing we enrich your data to capture the market potential of your business. Based on this we develop value propositions, create valuable content and campaigns resulting in leads with a high conversion rate.


Together with your Sales we create, develop and close opportunities, resulting in a predictable and trustworthy forecast and funnel. To improve the quality of your order intake we help sales to sell value at a higher management level.


Together with management we implement Sales van push to pull Sales. Transforming personal sales to digital sales. And we transform the Marketing department to a more digital e-commerce driven marketing department. Resulting in a sales-, marketing- and IT-driven organization