Improve your sales results within 3 months

​Start competing on value instead of price

How effective is your sales in creating, developing and closing opportunities and does this lead to a reliable sales forecast and funnel?

How to improve your sales results

​Why is it that most sales still start in the selection stage, pushing their products. Isn't that odd?​ ​
Especially if you know that customers look early in the buying process for reassurance  concerning their problem and ​possible solutions. ​​So why wait until customers have made up their mind and just want to discuss prices, resulting in low margins and low win rates.

Our expertise

John D. EisenfeltOur expertise

Create business growth in highly competitive markets

​Sales effectiveness top 3 questions

  • ​​How to improve the weekly customer face time (calls and visits) of sales?
  • ​How to improve opportunity development and deal closing to increase the win rate ​?
  • How to improve ​the reliability of the sales forecast and funnel?

Our solution to improve sales effectiveness​

​​We offer a proven ​approach to improve sales effectiveness whitin 3 monts. This includes structuring sales ​calls and visits to improve customer face time and convertion rates, resulting in more and better opportunities generated and improved convertion of offers to deals.  

This also includes free to use sales tooling and sales reporting to support sales management to pro-actively manage sales effecitiveness.

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​Compete on value top 3 questions

  • ​​How to transform sales from a product focus (push selling) to a customer need focus (pull selling)?
  • ​​How to sell value on a higher management level and avoid price competition in todays competitive markets?
  • ​How to ​win those must-win opportunities?

Our solution to improve sales results

We offer a proven approach to transform ​a sales organisation from push to pull. Where ​sales actively uses customer and market insights to create, develope and close ​​high margin opportunities more successfully. Resulting in a reliable sales forecast and funnel. ​For marketing this means playing a very active role to support sales. For sales this means development of skills to sell value at management level.

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