Competitive Markets

​Get big, get niche or get out

​Todays competative markets ask for clear directions to prevent from getting stuck in the middle. It's either competing on price with big volumes or competing on value with high margins. Staying in the middle will only lead to declining market share.  

More than 20 years of experience

​​After a successful start in the ICT sector we now have firm footholds in the Industrial, Construction and Financial sectors as well. Our core competence is improving the effectiveness of marketing and sales to realize profitable growth inhighly competitave markets.

​Technology (ICT)

A rapidly changing market ruled by new aged companies (Google, Facebook, Fintech, Salesforce, Adobe, etc). One of the challenges is to scale up or to adapt in order to survive.


A capital intensive and product driven market ruled by new technologies and innovation. One of the challenges is to transform into a smart technology driven company (IoT, Robotics, etc.).


A mature market ruled by low margins and high tender costs. One of the challenges is to reduce tender costs and improve the conversion rate.


A mature market ruled by regulations and transparancy. One of the challenges is to create a sustainable loyal and profitable customer base.


Align Marketing and Sales

Marketing Communication acted rather seperatly from the business. Eisenfelt used the clients buying process to create a common ground. Resulting in better and more directly support of sales with value propositions and lead generation.


Pro-active sales

The construction market is well known for its tendering procedures. Commonly resulting in being rather re-active. Eisenfelt made our marketing and sales act much more pro-actively and upfront in the buying proces. Resulting in smart solutions that match the clients need much better.


Extension of our IT services

In current markets it was imperative to move up the value tree to escape price competition. Thanks to Eisenfelt both our marketing and sales are skilled in creating and selling value by matching the benefits of our solutions and outsourcing services to client needs.


​Digital marketing

As part of marketing communication, our online team was disconnected from our regional sales offices. As a result the lead generation was not aligned with sales and the conversion of leads was not as expectated. Eisenfelt bridged the gap between marketing and sales. The new digital marketing team is working very closely together with the market sector teams. Lead generation improved and sales conversion is up.

Our Happy Clients

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