​Improve your marketing results within 3 months

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​​Improve marketing results. Start with marketing effectiveness. Making sure lead generation and conversion is above the average and that marketeers deliver value to support sales effectiveness​​. This will improve sales conversion for sure.

​Marketing programs to improve marketing results

​How effective is marketing in generating traffic and converting visitors to qualified sales leads​

and ​to what extent benefits your organization from marketing and campaign automation?

​Marketing effectiveness

​Time to market, cost per lead and sales conversion should drive marketing together with agile marketing as the new way of working for marketing, especially if focus is shifting to ​​digital marketing. ​

Cost per Lead | Agile Marketing | Marketing Funnel

​Intelligence and strategy

​Make data work for you. Create customer insights to determine the potential of your customer base and helping to target the right customer with the right proposition.

Data Quality | Customer ​Potential | Churn Risk

Value propositions and content

Creating content that triggers your target audience starts with adressing those market themes where your value propositions provide solutions for.

Market Theme | Value Proposition | Relevant Content

Lead generation and conversion

Know the places where you'r target audience hangs out and trigger their interest to find out what you have to offer. Making sure traffic generated will find relevant content and will be guided trough the buying process from orientation to transaction.

Lead Generation | Lead Nurturing | Lead Conversion

​Customer service experience

Onboarding is the first service experience for customers to measure promises you made. Make sure your customer portal really makes live easyer for your customers.​

Onboarding | Customer Portal | Customer Experience

​Digital marketing platform

​The biggest challenge for marketing is to organize and develop the competence to fully utilize the capabilities of a modern digital marketing platform. As a result marketing ​uses on average about 30 to 40% of the marketing automation capabilities.

​​Marketing Automation | CRM | Analytics

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