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​​Improve sales results. Start with sales effectiveness. Making sure ​customer face time is above the average and that sales starts selling before the quotation​. This will improve sales conversion for sure.

Sales programs to improve
sales results

​How effective is your sales in creating, developing and closing opportunities

and does this lead to a reliable sales forecast and funnel?

Sales Management

​Help sales prioritize, select and develope the right sales opportunities and make sure that sales progress is monitored at relevent proof points per opportunity. Resulting in a highly predictable sales forecast and funnel.

Predictable | Forecast | Funnel | ​Qualification

Sales Effectiveness

​Creating, developing and closing opportunities is the primary task for sales. ​Effectiveness of sales is measured by the ​time spend directly to customers and the result in terms of leads generated and converted to orderintake.​

CoS | Customer Face Time | Order Intake

Create Opportunities

​Small questions lead to big opportunities. Especially if you combine industry knowledge with customer insights to recognize the business need behind the initial question and use this to feed the thoughts of the right people at your customer. ​

​Market Insight | Value Proposition | Influence | DMU​

Develop & Close Opportunities 

​​Understanding your customers buying process will help recognizing opportunities ​in an early stage, giving sales the chance to connect and add value to the DMU's search for answers to business issues and possible solutions. This will result in larger opportunities with higher win rates and higher margins.

​Win Rate | ​​DMU  | ​Relation | Value ​| Bid Costs

​Value Selling Skills

Identify issues relevant to your customers desion makers, in an early stage of the customer's buying process and being capable to sell the value of your solutions instead of the price of your product or service.

Buying Process | Value Pitch | DMU | Solution


​CRM ​should support sales in their primary task of creating, developing and closing opportunities. CRM should manage the hand over and follow-up of marketing qualified leads. Instead of using average win ratio's CRM ​​provide a real time sales forecast, based ​on opportunity related sales activities.​

​Qualification | ​Win Ratio | Sales Forecast | Funnel

The John D. Eisenfelt Principle

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