‘Based on the Eisenfelt methodology we are expanding our services with existing customers’

Referent_Logica_SommelingLogica delivers consulting, systems integration and outsourcing to clients worldwide. Logica helps clients by successfully integrating people, business and technology. Long-term collaboration is at the core. ‘Client intimacy’, according to Marcel Sommeling, Vice President Financial Sector, is the starting point for the culture and strategy of Logica. “This is reflected in the Eisenfelt methodology. But building a good relationship is not the end. Ultimately, it’s about creating hard added value.”

Client intimacy

In 2005 Logica made a significant U-turn.  “We wanted to become less dependent on the economic cycle. We moved from a secondment model to a delivery model consisting of consultancy, projects and outsourcing. This required a different approach to sales and account development.” Eisenfelt has intensively coached Logica since 2006. “We noticed that sales managers were struggling to close large orders. And account managers found it difficult to talk on a level with the CxO’s.”

“Sales people are naturally stubborn. I was also sceptical initially.” But scepticism makes way for adoption of a new method, as soon as you experience added value in daily practice. “Eisenfelt has taught us another way to look at customer issues. We have now obtained a big assignment from a financial services company thanks to applying the Eisenfelt methodology and process.”
“Client intimacy is the starting point in our strategy. We realise our business largely from existing customers. But in today’s market it is important to deliver the right value at the right price. You need to be able to articulate the added value of your organisation and proposition. With this Eisenfelt has helped us.”

“The Eisenfelt methodology is comprehensive. Searching for added value is of great importance, as is mapping the power balance within a DMU. Other issues then emerge such as: ‘Is it wise to build coalitions with partners?’ ‘What strategy is needed to beat the competition?'”


“Eisenfelt has coached the majority of our sales and account management in the Netherlands. In a six-month long approach  in 2006 Eisenfelt taught us a completely new method to learn to develop opportunities early in the buying process of the customer. During workshops we learned to talk properly at board level. ‘How do you qualify for an opportunity?’ ‘How do you create value?’  ‘How do you close a deal?’ Our senior consultants were included in the process, “since they are the forward eyes and ears of an organisation.


“Commerce is built into humans. Eisenfelt advised the Board of Logica Netherlands about transforming the sales organisation. Sales is really a profession and not something you get away with; not everybody is capable of doing this. But by embracing a single methodology we have developed a common language for our sales and account management across the organisation.  Our method in the Netherlands is currently entirely based on Eisenfelt, from lead to deal. Mapping of the DMU and the defining ‘value’ is part of this. Our sales management and account planning is professionalised up to the realisation of a dynamic opportunity dashboard.”

Track record

“The partners of Eisenfelt are characterised by a no-nonsense mentality. This was much appreciated. They have built a track record in marketing and sales by themselves and tell things like they are. Doing this created trust.”