‘Eisenfelt helps us to make our organisation more sales oriented’

Referent_Logica_Van GasterenLogica, now part of CGI, provides consulting, systems integration and outsourcing to clients worldwide. Logica helps clients by successfully integrating people, business and technology. ‘Employee engagement’, according to Donald Gasteren, (former) Director Benelux, is essential. “Customer demand is constantly changing. Employees are the antennae of the organisation. They form the bridge between client management and the customer.”


“One sees a trend in the market. The economy is bad. People sit on the couch and are dissatisfied for no real immediate reason. At the same time you can see that the customer demand changes constantly. Customers want more added value. We started the sales empowerment programme to increase the motivation and ‘engagement’ of our employees.”

“Our employees are our eyes and ears. The triangular relationship between the customer, client manager and employee is very important.” The line was too thin. “Opportunities at the customer were not properly communicated. We now try to restore the antenna function with this programme.” The slogan: ‘Be the Difference!’

“The added value of an organisation is determined by two things: knowing what really plays with the client and in the market. If staff and client management cooperate well, this delivers a lot of valuable information.”

Virtual communities

“Logics has an organisational model where employees are classified according to their specialisation, such as Microsoft or SAP. In order to strengthen customer loyalty we have arranged, with Eisenfelt, virtual communities around key clients or specific market segments.”

“During the kick-off we launch the client community, a wiki portal to which employees can contribute. ‘Who works for this client?’ ‘On what projects?’ ‘What is the strategy of the customer?’ Employees are inspired to look at a customer environment in a different way, from the Eisenfelt methodology. The programme contains some theory but is above all pragmatic. What can you do right away, as an employee?”

Pragmatic programme

After the first day, employees receive a credit card sized map showing the core of the programme explained in ten questions ’to get into the lead’. Logica involves about 800 employees in the programme. “Besides some theory about opportunity management, the day consists of reflection. That is really an asset that Eisenfelt contributes. ‘What does it mean for your customer and your working environment?'”

“For the second session, employees receive homework. In groups, they analyse a specific opportunity. Due to the different perceptions the image of such opportunity improves.”

Direct result

Logic launched the programme in April 2012. “Within four months we saw the first results, including a change of attitude. Employees are more conversant with client managers. The first opportunity has already arrived.”


“The pain of a problem is sometimes not where we think it is. We not only released a so-called pain chain analysis in our own organisation, but we also teach our employees to look to client issues from a business perspective. ‘What’s going on two management levels higher in your customer environment?’ Eisenfelt helps us with making our organisation more sales oriented and teaches us true outside-in thinking.”

Added value

“Eisenfelt for me, is an important sparring partner. They reflect on trends in the market and how, as an organisation, you can respond. In addition, I appreciate the authenticity of the employees. They are all very experienced.”