‘The CRM project became a force of change for DTG’

Referent_DTG_SchuzlerDTG (formerly known as De Telefoongids and Gouden Gids) is a company with a long history in the Dutch advertising market. The first paper telephone directories were released in 1881 to make connections between telephony subscribers in the Netherlands possible. After De Telefoongids became independent of KPN in 2003 it combined forces with the Gouden Gids (yellow pages) in 2008. Since the rise of the internet DTG has evolved into an online marketing services company  with a broad portfolio of products and services for entrepreneurs, such as search engine marketing, website development and mobile apps for smartphones. Hendrik Schuszler, (former) Manager Operations at DTG, explains how the implementation of a new system for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has contributed to the innovation of sales and marketing processes.

New business model

“We wanted to replace our old CRM system and needed external expertise to guide us through the implementation.” Schuszler is referring to a functional implementation. “Who can challenge Sales and Marketing, the major stakeholders in this process, in an appropriate manner?

The project is carried out in phases, starting with the ‘design’. “How should the system look? What tasks and activities should it support?” Schuszler mentions the ‘roll-out’ and ‘after sales’ as examples of tasks that needed to be supported. DTG chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2010, a standard package. “We wanted a contemporary approach, while staying close to the standard, and that has succeeded.”

The project phase has had a total duration of 15 months. “Currently, 600 employees are using the system. The CRM-project has become a force of change for DTG, transforming us from a company of ‘paper books’ to an online marketing services company. Together with Eisenfelt all sales and marketing processes were analysed. We are now ready for the future, with a new business model.”

Process innovation

“Eisenfelt is a well-known party for us. In previous projects we have had good experiences. With Eisenfelt you will not encounter any unpleasant surprises. The communication is of high quality. And the approach is practical. You will not be advised from the side line but they roll up their sleeves right away and help you get on with it.”

“Eisenfelt has been a driving force in the project team, helping us progress and overcome obstacles. By challenging us in our ways of thinking Eisenfelt has contributed to the necessary process innovation.”