‘The various subsidiaries are now involving marketing much earlier in the sales process’

Philipi, UNIT4UNIT4 is a multinational company with a broad portfolio of standard software solutions for various markets, objectives, technologies and types of organisations. UNIT4 provides expertise in the areas of ERP, (e-)HRM & Payroll, e-commerce and financial management. Embracing change  is the slogan of UNIT4. Software now should  be ready for the changes of tomorrow. ‘Our customers are not only interested in technical gadgets but want to find continuity in a rapidly changing world,’ emphasised Jeroen Philippi, Marketing Manager at Unit4. ‘It is important that your marketing connects with the perception of the customer.’


“Marketing communication at UNIT4 was far from the business. UNIT4 has existed for over thirty years and has grown through organic growth and acquisition. Within the organisation we have several subsidiaries that operate independently in specific target markets. Hence we had many sub-brands. In 2009, based on various studies, we formulated a single brand with core values.”  Then there’s the next issue. “How can you support the sales process from marketing and offer more value to the different subsidiaries? This starts with the development of the knowledge and skills of the marketeers. What is the buying and selling process? How can you get closer to the sale?” Eisenfelt coached the marketing of UNIT4 on this in Benelux.

Content Marketing

“Marketing has changed in recent years. Sending flat sales messages about a product does not make sense any more. You must come up with content: content marketing. But how do you develop content? In 2005, as a sales manager within UNIT4, I had gained experience with Eisenfelt, where outside-in thinking was central. Their methodology could very well be used to achieve good written value propositions.”
“Translating technology and business software to processes is a major challenge. ICT is still seen as complex and costly. Communicating what a software solution does is not enough. You should really sit in the customer’s chair. What keeps them busy? And you then translate that into your marketing strategy.”


“Fourteen employees in two groups were coached in workshops of 3.5 days. The Eisenfelt methodology now offers them real tools for content marketing.” And with success. “The subsidiaries are now involving us much earlier in the sales process. In our department we feel more comfortable in the saddle. And if you look at the results of our marketing communication activities: spontaneous brand awareness “Are we at the top of mind with our target groups?” has grown from 22% to 27% in 1.5 years. That is a really a good result.”

“Eisenfelt has helped me personally with designing a marketing strategy based on value communication. That has really advanced me to a further level.”